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Irish Examiner LogoJohn Boyle Media Interview S


7th July 2016 School Admissions Bill

'While welcoming aspects of the new bill INTO Vice-President John Boyle said the union wants to have "immediate discussions" with the Minister "as to how the removal of waiting lists can be dealt with practically before the next school term"


Irish Examiner - April 16th 2009

‘Millions wasted on renting and buying prefabs, claim teachers’
“The Government’s failure to deliver 21st century school buildings during the boom years was one of the most damning indictments of the country’s political leadership. It is to our nation’s eternal shame that thousands of children are still being educated in Dickensian conditions. In the parish where I work, 750 pupils are taught in prefabs, most of which are 25-years-old.” Click to download article. (PDF Download, 2Mb) 

Irish Times 19th May 2016 'Government Must immediately Tackle School Funding- Union Warns'

Irish Times - November 24th 2009

Irish Times Logo'Here for the holidays? Not when there are 28 other reasons to be a teacher.'
Day of action feature education article on primary teacher Kate Divilly of St Colmcille's Junior National School, Knocklyon, putting the spotlight on the hard work teachers do on a daily basis? Facilitated by John Boyle. Click to view full article

Limerick Leader 30th April 2016 "Union Argues Equal Pay Case For Young Teachers"

Irish Independent LogoIrish Independent - April 19th 2009

‘Schools spend huge sums of ‘dead money’ on prefabs’
“John Boyle, an INTO executive member, said the cut in the school building programme last week has condemned 9,000 pupils and 300 teachers to sub-standard classrooms for the foreseeable future” 

Sunday Business Post LogoSunday Business Post - October 19th 2008

‘Harsh Lesson in Budget Cutbacks’
“ Any one of these cuts would have been painful, but to impose them all together is unbelievable. In this time of recession we could have coped with having to reuse and recycle some old equipment, but the last thing we thought they were going to do was to get rid of teachers. For us to lose three teachers will be hugely punishing and impossible to overcome”

Evening Echo 21st June 2016 "The INTOs links with 1916 reflected the diversity of Irish society at the time" said INTO Vice-President John Boyle as he laid a wreath at the grave of Capt. Con Mc Sweeney

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Sunday Tribune - September 10th 2006

“There are two reasons why anything would be banned from a school- if it is not safe or if it is counter-productive educationally. After Christmas we will see what new trends have emerged amongst students. Then we’ll have to revise our policies all over again!”

Irish Examiner LogoIrish Examiner - March 30th 2005

‘Ban on untrained teachers by September’
“Executive member John Boyle said the eight-month motion was proposed to cover the catch-22 situation where schools cannot find a qualified substitute at short notice, a problem particularly common in rural areas. However, the amendment which was passed was not the most extreme, as other proposals had suggested an outright ban on working with any unqualified staff. This would have caused particular difficulty for small rural schools, who might not have easy access to qualified substitutes to cover illness or maternity leave. Schools in disadvantaged areas also find it difficult to recruit and retain staff.” Click to download article. (PDF Download, 200kb)  

Sunday Tribune LogoSunday Tribune - September 1st 2002

‘Classroom wars being fought on new ground’
“Society has undervalued teachers and it is clear to me that in a number of homes, the teaching profession is no longer respected. The Celtic Tiger has brought success to some people without an education and as a result, in some families , the emphasis has moved away from school and learning. This has made the teacher’s job much more difficult” 

Irish Times LogoIrish Times - September 9th 2001

‘School Feels little benefit from growth in the economy’
"Our school is well regarded in the area, built on the strong reputation of its teaching staff. This is despite – and not because of – the support we receive from Government.” Click to view on the online archive.


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